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Why did Catholics vote for Obama? How could they?

54 Percent Of Catholics Voted For Obama

Jean Torkelson / Rocky Mountain News
Is Barack Obama closing the so-called “God gap”? Pundits on Wednesday were calling the president-elect’s national support from 54 percent of Catholics one of the more startling outcomes of the election. It’s 2 percent higher than George Bush’s Catholicsupport in 2004. Among Protestant evangelicals, about 25 percent went for Obama, compared to 21 percent for John Kerry in 2004. Obama’s strong Catholicsupport comes despite a flurry of statements from Catholic bishops in the waning days of the campaign, which warned of Obama’s loyalty to abortion rights. Evangelical Protestants also have been staunchly anti-abortion andsupport other social issues such as a federal amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, which Obama opposes.


I couldn’t find a report on exactly how many Catholics live in the United States so rather than be innaccurate I can safely say millions.That is,there are enough Catholics that we could easily elected pro life candidates and possibly overturn Roe V Wade.Given the no of Catholics who voted for pro abortion candidate (and now President)Obama unless someone wakes up in the pews this is not likely to happen.

My question is why did Catholics vote for Obama and the second question is how could they?

The Church’s teaching re this matter is VERY clear. They know,but ignore it?

OR don’t know? Not sure how that’s possible.

Let’s be honest;that makes us,as Catholics,responsible for the murder of the unborn not only in this country but countries world wide.

I really cannot grasp why Catholics voted for him or how they could so blatantly disobey such a firm teaching of the Church.

I have to ask;would they do this again?


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