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John Paul II;EWTN programming

John Paul II;EWTN programming

The Young John Paul II – Witness to Evil

Sun. March 27 at 2 AM ET, Fri. April 1 at 10 PM ET, Sat. April 2 at 2 PM ET

With insights from childhood friends, historians, and biographers, this docu-drama explores the young adult years of Pope John Paul II focusing on his experiences during World War II.

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Karol: The Pope, The Man

Wed. March 23 at 1 PM ET (Pt. 1), Sat. March 26 at 8 PM ET (Encore Pt. 1), Wed. March 30 at 1 PM ET (Pt. 2), Sat. April 2 at 8 PM ET (Encore Pt. 2)

This two-part dramatic mini-series, starring Piotr Adamczyk, presents the life of John Paul II from the time he was elected Pope on October 16, 1978, until his death on April 2, 2005. An incredibly human portrait of an extraordinary man, this is a story of leadership, love, commitment and courage that will keep the memory of John Paul II alive and well for generations to come.

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Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon: Ancient Roots…New Soil

Wed. March 30 at 3 AM ET & 6:30 PM ET

An introduction to the Maronite rite of the Church in America with interview of pastors and parishioners from various Maronite parishes throughout the Midwestern US, speaking favorably about their rite and their Catholic faith.

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