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I don’t hate “gays”

I don’t hate “gays”- don’t even like the term gay but it will do because we’re going to see why we should not redefine marriage(not argue about terms). People with same sex attraction do not need beat up,harassed,run out of town or murdered.They can be given the same protections we have but we can’t redefine marriage to indulge someone’s sexual proclivities.Marriage is a thousand year old institution that has always been understood to be male/female.It makes sense. The Human Race would not exist were it not for male/female. The sexual union is meant for marriage for a host of reasons and now marriage and family are under attack.
It began with artificial contraception,in particular birth control. From this we get unwed pregnancies,abortion and the acceptance of same sex relations as well as the failure of marriages-and a decline in marriage itself. What does contraception have to do with any of this? Plenty.How does redefining marriage harm marriage? There are consequences to everything that is part of society-we can’t even begin to see the far reaching implications of redefining marriage.

We have to first understand the meaning of the sexual act in marriage.For this i am going to turn to excerpts from MORALS AND MARRIAGE,The Catholic Background to T. G. WAYNE.

All of the excerpts from Mr Wayne’s publication will be in quotes.

“Sex divides average human nature into two halves, male and female, each relative to the other. There are other sides to human nature, but in this regard man is made for woman and woman

for man, and both for the race. This relationship is fulfilled when they join themselves together, not only by physical communion but in their whole lives, not only in an action but in a lasting companionship.”
We get from this that the human race is evenly divided between the 2 genders.You’re either male or female.One or the other.We are meant for each other.It is complementary.We owe the existence of the human race to this.
If it had been male/male or female/female that would have been it.We would not be here.With humans of the same gender,it’s not complementary and the bodies are not meant for union.
Furthermore, it’s not just about having sex to gratify ourselves nor just about creating life either.
“Indulgence cheapens and even tends to destroy the bodily pleasure itself. Sex is too
good to be an easy joy.”
It’s meant be enjoyed in the marital union.The Church considers it sacramental but most people-even non Catholics who don’t see it as sacramental- at least recognize that there is an ideal in marriage to be reached for.Society has gone from puritanical-sex is evil to depraved-sex is utilitarian or put another way,what’s in it for me?
“Only through an ungrudging acceptance of its nature can sex love normally develop from desire to responsibility and maturity, through self-discipline and unselfish care of the other and the
mutual acceptance of the duties of the marriage state.”
Another words,it’s a free gift of self where 2 people do not make each other an object.
Treated with respect the union brings life-if not it brings death.Redefined it totally destroys what marriage is.

“In point of fact pleasure itself is neither right nor wrong. It
all depends on whether the antecedent action is right or wrong.
That an action is pleasurable is, if anything, an indication that
the action is sound and in accordance with human nature. Pleasure is congenial to good action.”
We can view the sexual act as evil itself,which it’s not or we can view sex as mere self gratification for our own pleasure which makes us objects.
“The complete pleasure of human sex intercourse is not morally
shady; the action in itself is natural and rational when it fits
in with the divine plan of the world. Taking into account the
great power of the impulse and its profound effects on the
individual and on society and the dangers of its excess and
abuse, it is not surprising that the right exercise of sex is
limited to certain situations. As a matter of fact restricting
conditions surround every desire, for ruin would result if
immediate satisfaction were open and granted to every one of
Same sex relations is nothing more than masturbation;it can try to mimic the sexual love intended for male/female in marriage but that’s all it can do. It’s a perversion.
As harsh as that sounds it is the reality.
It makes people objects.Married persons who do this destroy their own marriage. Pornography also makes people-men and women-objects.When artificial birth control was introduced it opened the door.
Children became less wanted-not more.People became objects and sexual pleasure alone became the whole purpose of marriage.You can’t give the gift of self-which we speak with our bodies-and not be open to the other person.It’s about being a person.
Does this make people with same sex attraction less human or persona non grata? If i meet Bob and he has same sex attraction i greet him as Bob.Someone doesn’t meet me and see me as my sexual activities-if they did i would think they were sick. I would hope Bob would recognize that he’s a whole person and at least admit his attraction is perverted.There are some things that are perverted and sexual attraction or interests can be perverted.That means there is a norm.We have to be able to say that is fitting for human dignity and this is not.
Now that they’ve tried to redefine marriage in NYS what do they think they have redefined it to?

We can thank artificial contraception for opening the door.
You see it really is a matter of life and death.
I also HIGHLY recommend for further reading John Paul Ii’s Theology of the Body and his encyclical Evagelium Vitae(Human Life)


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