Catholic.Pro Life.Faithful

My apologies for not keeping up here

I have been supporting Republican candidate Herman Cain for some time.
He is pro life and pro family and after much research realized Mr Cain is THE best choice for POTUS in 2012.

This is taking a considerable amount of the time i have. Once the dust settles and we’re done working for Herman Cain to win the nomination i will have the time i want to put into this blog.For now i think supporting Cain is of the utmost importance. We all know that this will be the most important election we have ever participated in. We all know too if we wake up on Nov 7th and Obama is re-elected we will never see the America we knew for years to come.
You are welcome to join us at our group Catholics for Cain.
In the coming weeks I will get back here as often as possible and take up the topics i’ve been hoping to discuss.
Slavu Isusu Christu,Slava Na Viki!


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